Dan Feigelson Testimonials


Award-winning author, speaker, and educational consultant
Dan Feigelson is one of our shrewdest and most versatile thinkers in the field of literacy, a guy who can draw from his experiences as classroom teacher, staff developer, principal, and superintendent.
— Ralph Fletcher, Award-winning author, speaker, and educational consultant
Ellin Keene
When you consider Dan’s approach, you’ll wonder how you ever taught another way.
— Ellin Oliver Keene, classroom teacher, staff developer, non-profit director, and adjunct professor of reading and writing
Carl Anderson
This book contains some of the best writing about conferring with children that I’ve read.
— Carl Anderson, Education consultant, writer, and keynote speaker
Kathy Collins
Dan shows us how to shine a light on children’s words and intentions in ways that can increase their engagement with texts and inspire investment in their own text-based ideas.
— Kathy Collins, Author, keynote speaker, and international literacy consultant
I felt like I learned a lot (both about reading conferences, as well as listening and question-asking strategies that would be transferrable to conferences I have with teachers as well!). I know our teachers were super engaged and energized. I can’t wait to see the continued learning that happens over the next several weeks to make sense of what we learned.
— Alexa Schmid, Principal